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1 لياعلا ميلعتلا ةرازو كوكرك ةعماج ةيلك ةسدنلها :بلاطلا لبق نم ريرقتلا اذه ذفُن - :عوضولما كيناكيلما ةسدنه :مسقلا ةعبارلا ةلحرلما - ةيئاسلما ةساردلا
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2 In August of 1904 Ludwig Prandtl,a 29-year old professor presented a remarkable paper on BOUNDARY LAYER at the 3rd International Mathematical Congress in Heidelberg. The condition of zero fluid velocity at the solid surface is referred to as ‘no slip’ and the layer of fluid between the surface and the free stream fluid is termed BOUNDARY LAYER 1904 Prandtl Fluid Motion with Very Small Friction 2-D boundary layer equations 1908 Blasius The Boundary Layers in Fluids with Little Friction Solution for laminar, 0-pressure gradient flow 1921 von Karman Integral form of boundary layer equations. 1) Each liquid particle has a definite path. 2) The paths of individual particles do not cross each other. 3) All the molecules in the fluid move in the same direction and at the same speed. 4) It also called as stream line flow.
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