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edu 34 autobiography

edu 34 autobiography - Gregory Sicard Edu 34 MY...

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Gregory Sicard Edu 34 MY AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL PAPER My name is Gregory Agustin Sicard Abreu, I was born in the Dominican Republic and I came from a town called La Vega. I was raised there until I was four years old and then I came to Corona, New York during the blizzard of 1994; it was amazing to be with my older brother by two years and younger brother by four. We were on a mission to walk through this white mass that piled up to our knees and fell from the sky. I came to the United States with my two siblings and parents. I felt that my childhood years were very difficult but I managed to stick close to my siblings and getting through each difficult time together. My father would work as a paralegal with a lawyer named Hector Martinez, my mother just stayed home and took care of us. I enjoyed going to school and being a trouble maker, I used to walk around class and I barely stood still. My mother used to tell me that she would give me pills to calm down but I do not think it’s true. Growing up I went to P.S 14 which is in corona, it was an elementary school and I actually still remember the daily chant that we sung, I was going through my preoperational stage and I lacked many things because I was very hyper and I never listened to teachers when I didn’t feel like it. I didn’t understand why because my mother was always home when I was young and she always took care of me. I think that I probably did have an attention disorder. At that time I was going through Erickson’s stage of initiative versus guilt and no matter what I did I did not think that it was wrong. When I used to live in 108 st and 49 th ave I used to want to be outside all the time and one day my mother locked the door and I could not open it no matter
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how hard I tried. I went on a rampage and broke a chair that was expensive and my mother woke up and hit me really hard, even biting me and throwing me into the bath tub with cold water. After that day I did not mess around and I stopped behaving like an animal. I think that I had a difficult childhood and it started when my parents got divorced after being married for sixteen years. I was eight years old and it was heartbreaking for me to go through this, I think that it affected me in school and out of school. I grew up really upset and confused about why my parents broke up. I remember that I wanted to stay with my father but I ended up living with my mother. I remember that before my parents broke up we moved several times and it was so my mother could stay away from my stepdad. I know that my father cheated on my mother but I realized this as I got older. My mother just got fed up with it and met my stepdad right when we moved to our second apartment. We lived in the second floor and he lived in the first floor in the next house. My grandmother was living with us at the time and she was so upset about the situation that she went back to the Dominican Republic. Before my parents broke up my father took my siblings and I to a party in Long Island and we ended up spending the night at the house
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edu 34 autobiography - Gregory Sicard Edu 34 MY...

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