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edu 34 final paper - Gregory Sicard Dr Rubal-Lopez December...

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Gregory Sicard Dr. Rubal-Lopez December 1, 2009 Edu 34 Field Observations Report I found this observation report interesting because I had the opportunity to observe students with a critical view. I chose to go to my old High School which was Newtown High School. I decided to go to the Social Studies department and I observed two different teachers classes every time I went. The students that I observed were mostly freshman who came straight out of middle school and one class of juniors. Some of these students seemed like they were normal students and some of these students had difficulty sitting in their seats. I had to dig deeper to understand why some of the students were behaving good and why the rest of them did not behave as good. The first class I observed was a freshman class with Mr. Marsh who has great teaching techniques. The class started with an aim which would help the students start brainstorming and a Do-Now which helped the students begin writing their thoughts. I noticed that on the wall there were many famous Presidential quotes which Mr. Marsh would relate to the class. There was also a vocabulary section on the wall, and if a student had difficulty with a word Mr. Marsh would then write the word on the black board and define it. I noticed that a few of these high school students were worried about everything else besides what Mr. Marsh was talking about and it was not tolerated. Some students did not have their notebooks out when the class started and they were busy thinking about everything else. These freshman students must be around 14 or 15 years old and according to the Piaget theory they must already be in the formal operational stage where they can deal abstractly with hypothetical situations and can reason logically. I feel that these few kids without their notebooks out lacked the ability to reason logically because they are in a school setting and should worry about having their notebooks out which will enhance their
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ability to get a good grade in school but instead they are worrying about what their neighbor is telling them. I feel that these students have a rebellious behavior when they are in school but many kids in high school act in that manner. According to Piagets theory I think that some of the students in the classroom lack the
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edu 34 final paper - Gregory Sicard Dr Rubal-Lopez December...

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