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the 2 entry blog 1 - College this course is more about...

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Gregory Sicard Theater two Blog entry number one For our second class I enjoyed the stretching, I liked the stretch when I made my arms loose and tried to touch the floor. I felt all of my tensions and stresses leave my body. I enjoyed it so much that I used this stretch at my job. Walking aimlessly across the room made me feel as if that is what we do in this life, We just walk without purpose sometimes. I think that I will enjoy theater two because I will be doing things that I don’t normally do, like walk around aimlessly and do all of these different methods of walking. It just puts me outside of my regular routine which may give me a different aspect about how I live my life. Theater two is a different class compared to other courses offered at Brooklyn
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Unformatted text preview: College, this course is more about getting to know yourself and breaking out of the ordinary life that you live. I enjoy doing different things in life and taking theater 2 is a great opportunity for me to try something different at Brooklyn College. When I realized that we had to walk in circles I didn’t expect it, I found it interesting looking at everyone’s reactions and relating it to mine. Everyone didn’t know what to expect but there was that excitement between the students and myself. In regards to the students in the class I feel that everyone is willing to participate and share their ideas which is great....
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