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theater two midterm written exam

theater two midterm written exam - of a misunderstanding...

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Gregory Sicard Theater Two Midterm Scene Professor Silsby Action : My main action is jogging in the park exercising because I want to be in shape when I go on vacation. The preparation of this action is to run up to them and make sure that they relax and hope that they do not hurt each other. The beginning of my action is to notice the argument and run to the problem instead of running away from it. The attack of the action is to get in between them and shake each persons hand and make peace. The result of the action becomes successful because I end up saying “we are your friends” and I made peace between the two people. Text and Subtext : The quote that I say out loud is “we are your friends” What I actually mean is “why are you guys fighting? Both of you need to relax and not get into a physical fight. This is sad that both of you are ready to kill each other because
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Unformatted text preview: of a misunderstanding; you two need to grow up and just apologize to each other, where is the respect?” Objectives, Obstacles, Tactics : My objective is to stop Giuseppe and Jesse from getting into a violent argument and to make peace. I need to make peace between the two characters because I find it morally wrong to use violence to solve problems. The only thing that will keep me from getting to my objective is the distance. I am a little distant from where the situation is occurring and I have to run towards the people in order to get to my objective. The tactics that I used was to observe the situation, run towards the situation, I spoke and said that we are your friends; I shook the hands of both of the people,...
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