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Christopher Smith 11/1/10 Gregory Sicard Bus 40.3 Langbert The company that we decided to use for the paper is called Abigail Kirsch, Catering Relationships. Abigail Kirsch is a catering company, with their main office located in Tarrytown, New York. They also have a limited liability corporation ”LLC” at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan which include Pier Sixty and The Lighthouse. They cater events at many locations all over the tri-state area including; Tappan Hill Mansion, New York Botanical Garden, The Lighthouse, Pier Sixty, Stage 6 and Life the Place to be. We believe that this company runs a successful operation because of its C.A.R.I.N.G. Culture. C - Continuous improvement: by welcoming change and innovation. A- accountability: for individual and team performance. R- respect: for each other, our guests and the culture of the company. I- integrity: in the way we do business, by doing the right thing. N- nurturing: taking care of our guests’ needs, and each other. G - Giving back to the community: by supporting its needs. This is a central part of what they call “Ingredients for Success.” There are 4 ingredients they have in their”Ingredient for Success.” The first of their ingredients is “Our Vision”; which is “To increase our market share as the quality leader. We will grow responsibly, maintaining our commitment to excellence for our customers, associates and owners.” The second ingredient is called “Our Commitment to Excellence”; which states “We are fully committed to being the quality leader in catering and hospitality in the greater New York Metropolitan area. We achieve this by providing a consistently excellent guest experience.”
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The third ingredient is called “Our Operating Principles”; with this they encourage employees to ask the question “What have I done today to make a difference?” They also have four focal principals towards that question which are. 1) Product Excellence- Our continued success is based on meticulous planning, preparation and seamless execution. 2) Guest experience- Our passion is to anticipate our guests’ needs and exceed their expectations. 3) Our Associates- We strive to provide a great work environment, opportunities for advancement and recognition of performance. 4) Profitability- Controlling costs are a key to continued success. Last of the ingredients is the C.A.R.I.N.G. culture. They believe in their C.A.R.I.N.G. culture when it comes to any competition that they might face from other companies. With this C.A.R.I.N.G. culture they separate themselves from the competition because they will never say no to a guest or a client and will always go out of their way to satisfy them. They instill this passion into their employees, often encouraging them from the moment they are hired and go through training to work toward the satisfaction of their guest and clients by offering their employees a few recognition based incentives along with paying their employees a competitive wage in comparison or superior to those of similar companies. They also take into consideration the skills required and the experience the candidate
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