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Unformatted text preview: Gettier- According to the usual definition, what is knowledge? A person may have justified, truth, and belief but may not be sufficient. Knowledge is fallable.- Why is the usual definition incorrect? You must have knowledge in order to obtain justified, truth, belief Descartes What is Cartesian skepticism? Doubt of one owns knowledge What does “I think therefore I am” mean? Even if everything I believe is false, it is true I have false beliefs, I believe, so my mind exists What is dualism, in philosophy of mind? The mind is more than matter, mind and body and physical are separated, not uncountable, mind not just reduces to a physical thing. It is a relationship between the mind and the physical state. Searle and Jackson What is intentionality? It is aboutness, the ability for thoughts to meaningly attach to the world. What are qualia? Qualitative aspect of sensory experience. Sensory experience is not physical, physicalism must be wrong, knows physical facts about color, saw non physical facts [seeing...
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