core philosophy midterm paper

core philosophy midterm paper - Gregory Sicard April 6,...

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Gregory Sicard April 6, 2011 Professor Holtzman Dexter is a serial killer who has become the person he is due to the circumstances in his life, he kills other serial killers. The philosophies of the authors that I will compare Dexter’s actions will bring light to the notion of his true essence. There will be instances where some of the authors will or will not agree with the actions of Dexter. My main motive is to convey the author’s theories and imply them to Dexter. Dexter is a serial killer whose main motive is to eliminate serial killers who impose harm on other people and society as a whole. Kant believes that only a rational being can act with accordance to law. Dexter is a being that is breaking the law because he is killing people, this means that Dexter is not being a rational being. Kant believes it is wrong that he is breaking the law by killing bad people in order to save good citizens. In regards to good will, Kant disagrees of Dexter killing bad people because even if his motive is to save innocent lives, it is essentially wrong to kill under any circumstance. In regards to the categorical imperative, Dexter acts on principle, and that principle is strictly to kill serial killers. Kant believes that everyone has free will, which is the ability to choose among possible alternatives. The metaphysical moral question is “What makes you good?” And killing bad people justifies Dexter’s action for his actions based on his free will. Dexter does not have to kill people, but he feels that it is his duty to kill a person who is detrimental to society and will continue to cause harm unless there life is taken. Although Dexter is committing a sin by taking a life away, his intentions are good and his actions are not morally justified according to Kant’s beliefs. Kant also believes in Altruism and realizes that Dexter does not defend this altruistic belief just because he acts out of selflessness in order to help people. In regards Kant’s good will there is an imperative that Dexter goes through which he feels that killing serial killers is necessary.
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Bentham believes that people make decisions based on degrading or upgrading their utility. This idea attacks the notion of having a moral claim. When an individual acts on
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core philosophy midterm paper - Gregory Sicard April 6,...

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