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1 Katherine Gomez PSYCH The Vinyl Institute The well being of an individual is of upmost importance, especially if that individual is your employee. The Vinyl Institute does not recognize this however because they continue producing plastics that are harmful to the environment. Trials in other countries have already proven how harmful the chemicals these plastics produce can be to workers. The list of diseases that is caused by what the Vinyl Institute does is a long one. They are knowingly putting their employees at risk by exposing them to harmful toxins. Occupational Health Psychologists however can help The Vinyl Institute with this problem. Once they assess that the contamination is coming from the workplace, they then have to take steps in reducing the dioxin in the factories. They first have to make the factory work in a way that the contamination levels are low, then work on each individual employee. Once this is done, employees should be able to feel secure in their work environment. The Vinyl Institute is a company that makes a plastic with a variety of purposes. The greatest product they make however is vinyl sidings and pipes for homes (Bocchi, 2010). This company gives a lot to the community by building homes for free, and going green (Bocchi, 2010). Over the past couple of years, they have been criticized numerous times about the chemicals their products produce (Parker, 2002). This may be why their entire website seems like they are trying to prove contrary. Although their statements seem convincing, they don’t provide any facts that say that their plastics aren’t releasing dangerous chemicals into the environment. The chemical that the production of their
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2 plastic makes is very dangerous and causes many side effects like cancer, infertility in females, and even death. The specific plastic that this company produces is Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The problem with this plastic is that it releases harmful chemicals into the environment that are then inhaled by the workers who work in the Vinyl Institute factory, or homeowners that use PVC products (Parker, 2002). To be more specific, PVC releases dioxin into the air, which is then either breathed in by factory workers or in the tools they use. The worst part is that the United States government has already recognized that the production of this plastic is harmful to the environment, but it is still being produced by The Vinyl Institute (Parker, 2002). One other fact is that this plastic is still the leading plastic used for toys and home sidings. Hundreds of workers have already died, and hundreds more have some sort of incurable disease or injury due to PVC (Parker, 2002). Some of the dioxin- contaminated workers however, are starting to do something about this problem. 28 senior managers of a PVC plant in Venice were accused of mismanaging the
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PSYCHPAPER - 1 Katherine Gomez PSYCH The Vinyl Institute...

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