history - KATHERINE GOMEZ How should history be written?...

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KATHERINE GOMEZ How should history be written? Judgmental and Biased History History should be written without judgments, discrimination, and without biases. It should take all sides of an event into account, and should be factual. History should be honest. But most importantly, history should be uniform. The story of Christopher Columbus says that he made a government where there was none, and that he discovered new land. If you ask the Native Americans that lived there at the time, they would say that they indeed had a government, and that the land was not new or discovered. It was where they had been living for thousands of years. To this day however, when teachers tell their students about the story of Christopher Columbus, they say “he discovered America.” These kids are being told lies about history, and are not being told the whole story. They don’t mention that Christopher Columbus and his people took advantage of the Natives, killed them, and even raped some of them. They don’t tell the kids that Christopher was like a pirate who stole their treasures and then fooled them. If the Natives were the teachers in these classrooms, their stories would be very different. Columbus would not be portrayed as a hero; he would be the villain. IF you pass through the pages of an American history book, the first thing you notice is the artwork. Over half of the artwork in these books is European. If you look closer and analyze the stories or the stories in a history book, you will notice there are instances of discrimination; especially against the Muslim. An even closer look, and you will see that there is incorrect information of Asian and Muslim artwork. An example is the mentioning of a Chinese artifact, when the letters on the artifact are obviously
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Chinese. The picture is also backwards; something that is not seen with European
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history - KATHERINE GOMEZ How should history be written?...

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