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terms, diseases, people

terms, diseases, people - terms diseases people Host...

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terms diseases people Host leprosy Zacharias Jannsen Parasite plague Robert Hooke Pathogen malaria Francesco Redi Disease smallpox Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Infectious disease syphilis Lazarro Spallanzani Virulence tuberculosis Louis Pasteur Virulent anthrax John Tyndall Attenuated typhoid fever Robert Koch Avirulent dysentery Edward Jenner Opportunistic influenza Ignaz Semmelweis Virulence factors (adhesins, invasins, evasi HIV/AIDS John Snow Epidemiology Legionnaires' Diseas Joseph Lister Epidemic (2x) Poliovirus Alexander Fleming Prevalence Cholera Howard Florey Incidence Ernst Chain Morbidity Mortality Notifiable disease Pandemic Outbreak Endemic Reservoir Carrier Zoonoses Transmission (direct, indirect) Vector Fomite Vehicle Portal of entry Infectious dose Nosocomial infection Susceptible population Herd immunity Lazars Quarantine Variolation White death Consumption Sanatorium Commonality animacules Spontaneous Generation Swan neck flask Sterile endospores Pasteurization
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