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Cameron Vollmuth 3/12/11 The Countryside, beautiful or boring? On March 2 nd , 2011, I was able to attend The Seagull at The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, here at the University of Maryland. Throughout The Seagull , written by Anton Chekhov, you can often hear the words city and country being said. Phrases such as, “I want to move to the city and live an exciting life!” and “Look how beautiful the country is!” symbolizes one of the underlying themes used in the play, city vs. country. The Seagull represents a love story between a young playwright, overshadowed by his famous mother, and an aspiring actress, who are trying to make a name while being outside the city and living on the countryside. The country is where the play takes place and outlines the life of many of the characters, such as Nina and Konstantin. Using the concept of design, I will delve into the effectiveness of the different elements of design and relate them to this theme. One design element of the play, which clearly relates to the theme of city vs.
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Vollmuth-Seagull - Cameron Vollmuth 3/12/11 The...

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