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persuasive speech! - 1 Introduction a Who in this room...

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1. Introduction a. Who in this room played team sports as a kid? What kind of sports did you play? b. Well, I played basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse and football c. I’m going to talk about the benefits of team sports in children and how playing sports as a young kid, can teach great life lessons. d. There are many great things about playing sports as a kid, this includes getting off the couch and getting exercise, sportsmanship, finding new friends, learning how to work as a team, creating self esteem, generating family time, helping your education, allowing for future opportunities and the list goes on and on. 2. Exercise and health a. One of the main issues with kids now a days, is teaching them to get out and play with their friends b. With the advancement in technologies over the years, kids just want to stay inside and play video games, watch tv, or stay on the computer all day long. c. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Between 16 and 33 percent of children and adolescents were obese in 2008. d. Participating in a sport could probably help this fact due to the amount of exercise that you are required to get from practice, conditioning and the games! e. Some research has also been found that athletic activity can decrease the likelihood for breast cancer and osteoporosis. 3. Sportsmanship! a. Every kid has to learn how to play the right way and do things correctly b. Growing up and learning to shake hands after the game, make the right calls, and play fair help to teach values that can help you throughout life. c.
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persuasive speech! - 1 Introduction a Who in this room...

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