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Cameron Vollmuth Jade Olson Comm107 Response Paper In Communication 107, everyone is required to do a group project. I was assigned to the accounting group and paired up with Vicky, Isaac and Max. We met two times for about two hours each time and we accomplished to get everything done in an orderly fashion. For my personal interview that is required, I got to interview a family friend over the phone, his name is Adam Weber and he works in Boston, as an Audit Associate for Grant Thornton, LLP. Our group chose to use writing skills as our communication issue within the accounting field. We based most of our presentation on the key development of writing skills in the field of accounting, and each of our personal interviews and their insight on this subject. I found my interview with Adam Weber extremely interesting because I am aspiring to be an accountant later in life. It helped me to find out a little about the inside of an accounting firm and what happens behind the scenes. Mr. Weber has been working for Grant Thornton since December 2009. He is actually a very young guy, a friend of my sisters. He told me that he loves the local traveling and constantly meeting new people, but he also doesn’t like the long hours during “busy season”. When asked about the success of his company, he talked about the
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saying, “you are as strong as your weakest link”. Mr. Weber said all though he may not have a role like a partner in the company; everyone in the company plays a vital role to the success of the organization. One of the most amazing things I found out about Mr. Weber was that he actually didn’t do his undergraduate work in accounting. Mr. Weber is a music fanatic and actually majored in French horn performance at Boston University, which definitely surprised me. He ended up going into a co-op program at Northeastern University after realizing he had no shot at a job in the music industry, and followed up with a masters in accounting. Mr. Weber said, “team building, networking, communication, work ethic cannot
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response paper - Cameron Vollmuth Jade Olson Comm107...

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