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1 Vollmuth Cameron Vollmuth Prof Kern 0606 Paper 3 This paper is intended for any male or female who loves sports and would consider themselves a “die-hard” fan of their team. The readers of this paper could be sports fans, players, or even owners or people who may work for a sports team. This could be published in any type of sports book about how fans can affect the outcome of the game. This would show how crazy fans could possibly have a positive impact on a game. Do you think that insane crazed fans could positively impact a game? There could be many ways that a fan could positively impact a game. I know for a fact that crowd noise, is a big factor when it comes to outcomes of games and fans can have a huge effect. I know growing up as a New York Giants fan, I would go to Giants games here and there and would always notice that the crowd would get pumped up on a key play on 3 rd down. This would also help to pump the team up and get their adrenaline rushing, and maybe even help them to convert. I also see this a lot now that I attend the University of Maryland. The Terrapins football team was terrible my freshman year and as the games wore on, the fans wore down each and every game. You could tell, as fewer fans showed up, the team looked more sluggish and tired out there on the gridiron with each fan exiting the stadium. The atmosphere was just not
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2 what it’s like when the team is winning and doing well at home games. Now at the basketball games, the crowds are always packed out and the basketball team is winning a lot more than the football team. Maybe there is some sort of correlation there?
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