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Rhetorical Sit #1

Rhetorical Sit #1 - a maniac for their team These are for...

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Cameron Vollmuth FP 0606 Rhetorical Situation Paper #2 This paper is intended for any male or female who loves sports and has happened to miss something important like work or school, has stayed up late, has stayed home or just done something radical in order to watch their team play a game. Therefore, my readers should be experienced in this field and have had to experienced something like this and root like
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Unformatted text preview: a maniac for their team. These are for people who also read many sports sources, like newspapers, magazines or free articles. The sources that I would use would come from most of these sources. This paper could possibly be published in ESPN The Magazine or Sports Illustrated for those avid sports fans that never knew what sports were actually doing to their lives....
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