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Segmentation Case

Segmentation Case - Benefit segment 3 label Location...

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1. The dataset showing the 25 subjects’ responses to this survey is posted on Blackboard. The spreadsheet is set up so that each row represents 1 person’s responses to all the questions. The columns reference the variables/questions of the survey. You can assume that the 25 respondents are representative of the population of interest. Segment the results on the basis of benefits. In other words, identify groups of people who are seeking similar benefits. Based on the results, identify a descriptive name for each segment. Identify the members of each segment by case number. I have shown 2 segments here but you may have more. Benefit segment 1 label: _________Economically Conscious___________________ Benefit segment 1 case numbers: ___3,7,9,10,12,16,18,21,22,24________________ Benefit segment 2 label: ________Customer Service___________ Benefit segment 2 case numbers: ________4,15,17,23,25__________
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Unformatted text preview: Benefit segment 3 label: Location, Location, Location Benefit segment 3 case numbers: 1, 2. Create a descriptive profile for each of your benefit segments. For each segment, identify the typical segment member’s gender, occupation, and age. Explain how the segment profile is used by marketers. 3. Explain why you weren’t just asked to segment the data on the basis of age, gender, or occupation? 4. Critique this survey. What changes would you recommend to improve the validity of the research? Every single customer needs to be in a segment. First Segment: Black Segment, people who are based on convenience, followed by room and service secondly. Red Segment: Choice based on convenience and value equally. Blue Segment: Choice based on value most heavily followed by room and service. Purple Segment: Choice based on room and service primarily....
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