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Crito – is the conversation between Crito and Socrates in the prison, before Socrates is going to be killed. This conversation shows how law were to be treated and how important it was for Socrates to follow his principles of life and will not do anything against it even though it would mean his death. Crito arrives early in the morning and sit besides Socrates and lets him sleep until Socrates himself arises from his sleep. This show patience and the observant nature of philosophers of those times. Crito – being a student was to engrossed at looking the sleeping face of Socrates that he did not even wake him up to deliver him an important news. Crito has come to help Socrates escape the prison through the help of other sources who believe in Socrates and his teachings. We can see the decisions taken on morality rather than on emotional basis in these cases. Socrates, denies the plan brought by Crito to escape from the
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Unformatted text preview: prison saying that is was incorrect. It would be doing evil in a way. Socrates said that doing evil was not good and hence if he escaped – he would be fair on many things but will also be evil to the Athenians. In his quest to Crito – he explains to Crito that whatever the situation it may be – everything has consequences and it’s the way one looks at it from. From a way – Socrates would be leaving his followers behind who want him badly, also he would be abandoning his children would lose their father at an early age but in the process he would also hurt the laws of the government established there. In the end, Crito learns the Socrates way and gives up his quest. Socrates leaves his will to God and wants him to decide it in the end....
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