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Mohammed Wahid Makda Section – K 9 TA – Jessica Otto Title – Dharma – Hinduism 1 st Draft Dharma – one of the most basic concepts of the Hindu religion is an extremely complicated concept, which refers to many relevant texts, meanings and other form of text which represent this religion. The Hindu religion in Sanskrit is referred to as ‘Sanatana Dharma’ or the ‘The eternal Law’. 1 One of the branches of Hinduism is Dharma or duty or law. The term can be translated into the English language into many ways such as ‘morality’, ‘duty’, ‘religion’, ‘law’, etc, any there is no one term in English which can be translated as Dharma 2 . Hence, Dharma is a huge concept covering many principles of the Hindu mythology and plays a prominent role. There are many meanings of Dharma. Also there are many types of Dharma such as The Kings regulation of his kingdom is his Dharma (rajaDharma), the regulation of natural elements is their Dharma (padarthaDharma), and the regulation of communities is community Dharma ( samajaDharma ) 3 . In Bhagavad Gita, the fight between Kauravas and the Pandavas is taking place, and this battle referred to as the battle of Kurukshetra in the Hindu mythology. Kauravas are cousins of Pandavas and the Pandav prince Arjuna is ready for the war, but a doubt stops him to fight as Kauravas were cousins of the Pandavas and killing them would mean killing own brotherhood for Arjuna. This though weakens him and he decides not to fight. Arjuna being a Kshatriya – a warrior class in the Hindu Caste system, Lord Krishna takes charge and makes Arjuna understand that killing for Dharma is not a sin, but if one goes against their Dharma is a sinful act. In return Lord Krishna, also says that the eternal soul never dies and when a person is dead, he enters another world but the eternal soul is always alive.
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dharma - Mohammed Wahid Makda Section K 9 TA Jessica Otto...

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