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epictetus - journal1 - The Enchiridion speaks of daily...

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The Enchiridion speaks of daily principles and methods which one should lead his life by. There are certain rules which if one follows will have a peaceful life and a life full of rules. They are not part of any religion but are just philosophical thoughts irrespective of religion. They are highly based on that of Socrates and Zeno, two great philosophers of that time. Although, Zeno was before Socrates, he was from Southern Italy. The rules speak of various aspects of life. Epictetus starts off by mentioning that things in one’s life are controlled completely by men, and no other external power is controlling it. Men is responsible for all the happenings in their life – good or bad , they cannot blame anyone. Also, he says that if men, mind their own business, they will not face any ill consequences. It is only when men indulge into others matters they get into trouble. Also, Epictetus states that men should aim at great heights. Men should leave all bad habits and try and postpone habits which are far difficult from quitting. Also, Epictetus states
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epictetus - journal1 - The Enchiridion speaks of daily...

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