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final essay 1 - Mohammed W. Makda UGC -111 Section K-9...

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Mohammed W. Makda UGC -111 Section K-9 Extra Credit Assignment India India, a very large country in South Asia has a prominent history dating back to several thousand of years back. Until 1947 CE., India comprised of present day India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. After the India Independence, Pakistan and Bangladesh were no longer a part of India and was classified as a different nation. The time of history we are going to talk will be comprising Pakistan and Bangladesh as a part of India. India has great geographical features. The natural defense which India had did not make it easy for the invaders to come inside. They had to struggle getting in. To the east and west we have the two water bodies – Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea respectively. To the south we have the India ocean, another water body which makes it difficult for invaders as they need to come by ship. To the North, we have the Himalayas, the tallest mountain range in the world. These ranges house some of the deadliest mountains which to cross is almost giving up life. Also, toward the northwest, we have the Kyber Pass which now is in present day Pakistan and Afganistan. Entry in India was not so easy for invaders. Similarly like Egypt, where the natural
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final essay 1 - Mohammed W. Makda UGC -111 Section K-9...

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