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Plato’s – ‘Allegory of the Cave’ states about the illusions of the philosophers about human life. They describe how they think about the human enlightenment. It is about a cave where prisoners are kept and are asked to carry objects over fire walls. The philosopher talks about human behaviors and state what would happen for each consequences. It is a way which was followed during those days by philosophers to deduce reasoning. Socrates’ Teacher Diotema on Love – states a teaching of Socrates about love. This woman called Diotema was the instructress on the art of love for Socrates. In their conversation, they talk about how love is evil and how love is good. In this Diotema defines love to be a spirit which mediates between the divine and the mortal. According to her, god through love communicates with this followers. Love has many forms such as prayers, sacrifices. “For God
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Unformatted text preview: mingles not with man; but through Love all the intercourse and converse of god with man, whether awake or asleep, is carried on.” Also, it is been stated that love is a part of immortality. When a woman conceives a child, she always wishes that the offspring is beautiful and not deformed. This is because, this beautifulness would be sustained throughout the generations and hence be immortal. “this is the character of their love; their offspring, as they hope, will preserve, memory and give them the blessedness and immortality which they desire in the future.” By this they try to say that, love is eventually immortal and there are incidents in life which people want to love for ever – that is make them immortal and the only way to that is through love. Love can be both – good and evil. It plays its part in both ways....
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