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Mohammed Wahid Makda Assignment – Reader Response # 1 Professor – Kirsten Reitan Class – T R 9:30 – 10:50 am Reader Response # - 1 The career path I have chosen at this stage of my life is to become a Computer Engineer. I have chosen this career as a child I was interested in computers. Also, technology amuses me. In addition to graduate as an engineer, I wish to become a commercial pilot. I was in a doubt after my high school to whether pursue my engineering degree or to join a flying school. My father suggested me to pursue my engineering first as a college degree is must to have. Also, flying career can be pursued any time irrespective of your age but to get employed one needs a college degree. Both the careers which I wish to pursue amuse me and are lie in my area of interest. To earn a good living, I am sure my degree would help me find a good job which will pay me above my needs. I firmly believe that one should do what he/she likes to do or is interested in doing,
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Unformatted text preview: and hence moreover computer engineering or flying will be something in which I am interested in doing. There is a saying – “you can bring the horse to the shore but cannot make him drink the water” . The horse will only drink the water if he is interested. Similarly, at the end of my professional life, I want to have no regrets. I did what I felt like, or what I wanted to because life is short and there is lots to do. I love to travel and hence if I purse a career in the airline industry, it will give me a good chance to travel various places nationally as well as internationally. Irrespective of where I work, I will also be secured financially until I am employed. I believe success lies in ones interest and how one judges himself or his career. When I retire from my professional life, I do not want any regrets which would make me feel I was unsuccessful. I want to achieve the goals which I have set for myself....
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