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What the author says 1. The UB 2020 plan is a way for wealthy business men to get hold of the income on the university and rule the university and its policies. 2. Leaders of UB are trying to privatize the university in a way, it would still be a part of SUNY but the state will not have control over it. 3. The politics behind UB 2020 is ugly, and what goes around UB the sole purpose is to
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Unformatted text preview: profit the businessmen. 4. The board which is incharge of the bill, does not even know what is stated on the bill What UB says 1. UB 2020 is going to benefit WNY and help grow the economy. 2. The new bill will help students to see the potential tuition and fee hikes in future. What is common 1. UB 2020 will certainly put UB in a good financial situation. 2....
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