fighting to shut out real india

fighting to shut out real india - Mohammed W. Makda UGC 211...

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Mohammed W. Makda UGC 211 Spring 2011 4/17/2011 Assignment # 118 Fighting to Shut Out Real India – Response Paper Manu Joseph, in her article – “Fighting to Shut Out Real India”, emphasizes on the two sides of the Indian population, one – the rich or middle class man who can afford a wealthy household, and two – the poor man, whose main goal is to survive. Joseph, in her article starts with the link which connects these two sides of the coin, and uniting the country as one – Cricket. Like American Football, is to people of USA, cricket is a religion followed by 98% of Indians not only in India but world-wide. Surprisingly, cricket is the most watched sport in the world after soccer. Considering the large sub-continent population, and other European and Oceanic countries, this statement could be true. India is diverse. It houses various cultures, religions, languages, etc, making one feel that India is a continent, with 28 different countries. In fact, in 2004, majority of Indians voted for a political party led by an Italian descendent (Sonia Gandhi), who let a Sikh be the prime minister, in presence of a Muslim president. If you visit India, one can also see the people are divided not by religion of culture, but by their bank balance. It is pretty evident that India houses people who live in mansions worth millions of dollars and people who live in huts they call home which are worth a few dollars. Being an Indian, I am aware of the social disintegration. In fact, I am too a
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fighting to shut out real india - Mohammed W. Makda UGC 211...

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