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Mohammed Wahid Makda ESL - 408 On being a real westerner 1. Writers convey the significance of autobiographical events by telling how they felt at the time the event occurred and by telling how they feel now as they look back on the event. Skim paragraphs 7,8 and 13, noting where wolff expresses his feeling and thoughts about the event. Try to distinmguish between what he remembers thinking and feeling at the time and what he thinks and feels as he looks back on the event. What impression do you get of the young Wolff? What does the adult Wolff seem to think about his younger self? A. Wolff expresses his feeling when he wants to load the rifle and use it. He thinks that he has some kind of power and the people whom he was aiming at did not even realize that what kind of danger they were in. After he kills the squirrel, he feels ashamed and does not want to imagine himself in that manner. He says that his age was such that no control can keep him control his desires. There are situations when a boy gets to fulfill his desire
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