AST-L2-ch2__3 - Planets Stars and Galaxies Prof David Lind...

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1 AST 1002 Planets, Stars and Galaxies Section 1 -- MW 3:35-4:50 pm; Section 2 -- MW 5:15-6:30 pm Prof. David Lind, FSU Physics http://www . phy s i c s. f u edu/u er / Li nd/A S T1002/defau l t htm ass webs te –has sy ll abus , hedu e et c. Today’s Lecture: “Light: the Starry Messenger” Understand light and temperature Understand the interaction of light and atoms Moving sources: the doppler effect Review Scientific Method (Galileo) Based testing and experimentation Make a model (hypothesis or theory) Test and modify the model by comparing with experiments and observations of the real world A dynamic, changing process. Metric units Use Meters ( m ) and kilometers ( km ) 1 meter = 3.281 feet Kilometer = 1000 meters = 10 3 meters = about 0.6 miles Astronomical Unit ( AU ) 1AU = 150 million kilometer = average distance from the Earth to Sun Lightyear ( LY ) 1LY = 9.47x1012 km 1013 km = the distance light travels in 1 year Speed of Light ( c ) = 3 x 10 8 m/s in a vacuum 186,000 miles/second Remember to do the on li ne qu z under announ ements at First measurement of the Speed of Light – Ole Romer (1670s) -- German Astronomer studying the moons of Jupiter. -- found that the orbits were “late” when observed form the far side of our orbit.
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2 Light as Electromagnetic Waves -- all electromagnetic radiation (composed of oscillating electric and magnetic fields) travels at a single speed through space, called the speed of light:
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AST-L2-ch2__3 - Planets Stars and Galaxies Prof David Lind...

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