AST-L14-ch9__3 - 1 “ A Brief History of the Solar System...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 “ A Brief History of the Solar System ” Or i g i n of the s o l ar s y s tem – S o l ar Nebu l a Pieces of the Solar System Sun inner planets outer planets other stuff Angular momentum angular momentum is conserved Solar System formation accretion disk, rotation, protostar Planetesimals, and the solar wind Extra-Solar Planets Summary The Eagle Nebula : Facts and Theories The Solar System Basic Characteristics of the Solar System Planets, moons generally orbit and rotate in the same direction Planets lie approximately in the same plane Small rocky worlds near Sun , large gaseous worlds further out Age ~ 4.6 billion years Theory: “Solar Nebula Theory ” created from a revolving sphere of gas and dust The inner region hotter volatile materials did not condense there, but did in the outer region “Condensation Sequence” Conservation of Angular Momentum Angular momentum measures the rotation of an object. L = m . v . r Angular momentum is conserved always the same. the large r the size the slower it rotates; the smaller the size, the faster it rotates to have the same angular momentum . 2 Gravity and the collapse of Gas Cloud Formation of the Solar System 1 Current Idea: “Solar Nebula Theory” Spiral arms of galaxies are filled with clouds of gas and dust . the Solar system formed from the collapse of one of these huge clouds of gas and dust....
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AST-L14-ch9__3 - 1 “ A Brief History of the Solar System...

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