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AST-L21-ch1314__3 - Neutron Stars Black Holes Pulsars and...

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1 Neutron Stars, Black Holes , Pulsars and More 1) Star Clusters 2) Type II Supernova 3) Neutron Stars 4) Black Holes 5) More Gravity Review Stellar lifetime Red Giant White Dwarf Binary Systems Nova Supernova More massive stars Studying Star Clusters open clusters globular clusters Clusters of stars formed at the same time of the same materials Studying them tells us about the life of stars plot where stars fall on H-R diagram Looking at many clusters tells us how stars leave main sequence
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2 Normal fusion only makes up to iron but there are many heavier elements In dense cores of massive stars , free neutrons are available these neutrons combine with iron and other nuclei to form heavier nuclei very heavy nuclei can be built up more nucleosynthesis Heavy nuclei are spread out into the Universe in supernovae explosions This is the only place heaviest nuclei are formed Supernova and Nucleosynthesis on l y i n s upernovae!! dy i ng s tar s i n ma ss i ve and red g i ant s ma i n s eq Supernovae – Type II,… end products Neutron Star As the outer layers expand the neutron core continues to be crushed. (electrical repulsion of degenerate helium and carbon can’t support weight) Left behind an unimaginably dense object a neutron star . (> 1.4 M ) Black Hole For the most massive stars, the neutron star is unstable (nuclear forces cant support weight) and is predicted to collapse to a black hole . (> 3.0 M ) A Neutron Star Is Born After the supernova explosion , a very dense core is left behind Degenerate now neutron degenerate Nuclei are incredibly dense as closely packed as inside of atomic nucleus 1 billion times density of Sun as if the Earth
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AST-L21-ch1314__3 - Neutron Stars Black Holes Pulsars and...

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