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China question - Khanh Le Nov 3rd 2010 T.A Rachel Long...

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Khanh Le Nov 3 rd , 2010 T.A: Rachel Long Anthropology – section 004 True happiness Happiness is what all China’s 20-somethings want from life. Watching the movie “Young and restless in China”, China seems to never stop moving; and Chinese never stop working. At a glance, China is “a country of young people”, where people want to “get rich” as fast as they can and “have a good life”. To be clearer, money is assumed what Chinese are all yearning for. However, to look carefully in the life of each person and whatever changes come to their lives, we know that these young Chinese want more beyond money and success. Ben Wu is a typical example of this kind of Chinese life. He completed his study in New York; and then he comes back to China for one biggest reason: “opportunities”. Here, he works from Monday to Sunday, without breaks. Not only working for a company during business days, Ben Wu starts his own business with an internet café. People admire him as a successful business man with a strong ability to make money and be rich. Nevertheless, sometimes, this man asks himself: “What am I doing here?” which means that what he is having and doing is not really what he wants. The reason for his unreasonable question is his family. His parents, his wife and children are all living in the U.S. Moreover, his real goal is to have a company that produces
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China question - Khanh Le Nov 3rd 2010 T.A Rachel Long...

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