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final quiz 2 - The differences what make the Earth go round...

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The differences – what make the Earth go round We human beings cannot deny that we are different in many aspects: the living conditions, the definitions of beauty or happiness, the opportunities to develop, etc. For many reasons, these differences arise and make many issues – from economy to politic – change, which shows that they are more important than the similarities. The difference that can be easily recognized is the difference of the living condition of all people around the world. This condition happens for many reasons: the development of economy, the effect of residents’ services, the quality of education,… All of these reasons seem to be important. However, the most essential cause comes from natural environment: geographical location. Looking at the living condition of people in the island of Papua New Guinea, we can see that these people are living a very inconvenient life with no plows to plough which disables them to plan any crop. As a result, their main food is taro. The irony situation here is they can have plows, but the natural condition does not allow them to raise buffalos or cows to pull. With so many to have enough food supplies, residents here so not have time to contribute to the development of this island, which results the economy of this island undeveloped. However, the problem of people of the island of Papua New Guinea does not tell that in a country with modern technology applying to agriculture and a stable economy will have no problem. For example, America – where residents never have to worry about starvation or low standard of living – different problems exist. The development of technology here does not only enable farmers to plow soil to a wide range but also enable researchers to find out that using plow in a long term is not good for planting soil because it cause soil erosion. Therefore, scientists come up with no-till agriculture techniques. Nevertheless, to practice this new
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technique, farmers can suffer from failed crops and some other disadvantages. As a result, to apply no-till agriculture in all farms is another problem in the United States. Another apparent difference between all human beings is the definition of beauty. It is
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final quiz 2 - The differences what make the Earth go round...

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