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sick around the world - about people without insurances....

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Khanh Le Nov 29 th , 2010 T.A: Rachel Long Anthropology 101 - section 004 U.S health care service It is true that America is one country that has the best facilities in the world to take care of the health of their residents. However, not everybody has a chance to afford this perfect system because of the too high prices. Only people with health insurance have chances to come to the hospital as the insurance will cover most of the cost. The problem here is that people in America with insurance are not aware of the matter that there are many people in their society have to suffer serious illnesses because they do not have insurances. When being asked, these people with insurances, sometimes, do not even care
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Unformatted text preview: about people without insurances. Their reason is that “my insurance is ok, so leave me alone”. Moreover, although Americans always try to give help to people needed, they have the idea that: we cannot help all. For that reason, it is difficult to institute of Universal Healthcare in the United States. America is one of the most developed countries in the world; therefore, people are busy with works, family, political issues, or whatever matters in their lives. As a result, Americans do not really have time to think about what health care problem is going on with other people. To them, the better is to have insurance, take advantage of it when going to the hospital, and that’s all ....
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