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Khanh Le Dec 3 rd , 2010 Anthropology 101 – sec 004 T.A: Rachel Long What is happening in Haiti? David – who came to do research about the Haiti – said that "You can almost argue that Haiti is more African than Africa" as the belief of these people are really mysterious as Africa style. Especially, there are many cryptic stories about zombies – the living dead. There are hypothesis that these zombies are controlled by a secret power of the voodoos. These voodoos unearthed the dead body inside coffins and then control them as slaves. However, the reality that is happening in Haiti is beyond the hypothesis above. In Haiti, there are secret societies which responsibility is to control the life of people there with order. To
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Unformatted text preview: these societies, to have zombies is one way to keep the right order of life. To make one person become a zombie, in Haiti, is also one kind of punishment. Before becoming zombies, people are made to drink a kind of medicine made of “toads, sea worms, lizards, tarantulas, and human bones,” fugu, etc which put people into temporary unconscious condition. Then, if they still can survive for the first few hours, they are free. However, if they are not, they will be forced to become slaves. In conclusion, what is going on in Haiti is a kind of system to control the entire society. Although, this system is strange and scary, it is not any of scary ghost movies like people usually imagine....
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