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farming paper

farming paper - gathering provide such a big amount of food...

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T.A: Rachel Long Khanh Le Anthropology 101 [sec 4] Oct 1 st , 2010 Farming question Although farming is seemed to have many negative effects to society, it is not really as bad as some people think. At first, changing from hunting and gathering to farming gives apparent negative effects. For example, as mentioned in the article The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race, without farming, there will be no class in society as no one has chances to own more food than the others or people will not be afraid of starvation when crops fail as they have already had skills to hunt and gather in any conditions. The problem is worse when we look at the environment as farming creates water, land, and air pollution, and destroy minerals in soil, because of farming methods to have abundant crops. However, with the growing speed of population nowadays, how can hunting and
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Unformatted text preview: gathering provide such a big amount of food to people all over the world? Despite the fact that the more people depend on farming, the more problems come up when crops fail, with the development of technology and farming methods, crops are what we can control, unlike food sources in nature. People can never ask nature to give them water melons when spring has gone when farming gives water melons to them in any season and as much as required. Because farming can be controlled despite the change of climate or geographic areas and can provide enough food to a big number of population, it is worthy enough for human beings to keep working on modern green methods ( no-till farming, nontoxic chemicals, sustainable energy,…) to make farming better to both human food demand and to environment....
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farming paper - gathering provide such a big amount of food...

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