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happiness - always feel himself a failure for the...

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Khanh Le Dec 3 rd , 2010 Anthropology 101 – sec 004 T.A: Rachel Long Happiness of human beings Human happiness is the mix of many factors: economic development, the healthy spirit, a good physical condition, etc. Among these factors, economic development can be considered as one of the most important factor as people can never feel relaxing or enjoy their lives if they have to worry about living expenses, jobs, the change of cost, etc. Moreover, the stable of economy will give people the possibility to reach their goals in life; for example, to run a good business, earn good money, and support the family in both physical and spiritual aspects. A healthy spirit is also as important as economic development. The reason is that when people are rich, but there is always some kind of sting in their minds, they also cannot be fully happy. For example, a rich man with a lot of money, but cannot teach his children right, will
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Unformatted text preview: always feel himself a failure for the impossibility to be a good father. A good physical condition is also needed. An ill man cannot be happy and enjoys his life if he has to come the the hospital regularly for medicine. In brief, happiness is the mix of many factors. Among the ethnographic readings, it depends on the tradition of a tribe or a group of people and their living environment that these factors can be varied. For instance, to be beautiful can be a factor that contributes to human happiness, especially to women happiness. Among the Himba, beauty to women is to have big and well-proportioned buttocks. However, the definition is different in America where a beautiful woman needs to have a well-proportioned breast first, not buttocks....
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