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how deep is gender

how deep is gender - asked this question to make sure the...

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Khanh Le Nov, 18 th , 2010 ANTHR101-4 T.A: Rachel Long The depth of gender Gender is simply divided into two categories: male and female. However, the effect of gender is not that simple.In every activities of daily life, especially love and emotion, gender is more important than any other inner factors (heart rates, blood pressure, etc). General daily conversations are the best examples of how deep gender is. The point is that one news transformed to two people is translated differently because they are one man and one woman. It is the effect of gender that leads to the divorce of husband Dick Van Dyke and wife Debbie Reynolds in the movie Divorce American Style . The reason of this divorce started from the different version of translation over one simple question of the husband: “French bread?” He
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Unformatted text preview: asked this question to make sure the dishes his wife had said is correct as that is his favorite food. However, his wife take his question too seriously that an argument started and ended up with a divorce. In many other situations, gender affects strongly the ideas of human beings. It is women that accuse men of giving them too little care while it is them that need too much care. Or in traditional custom of many tribes around the world, people have definite different custom for men and women. In brief, gender has an important role in every activity, not just simply a word that defines sex....
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