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T.A: Rachel Long [section 4]- ANTHR 101 Khanh Le For years, technology has been a part of every activities of life, from work to entertainment. Somehow, this invention – technology- has transformed societies in a way that no one can ever think of. Technology is a big word with many things included: televisions, calculators, music players, etc…Among them, two inventions that without them will make the word “technology” miss a big part are personal computers and software which have brought about billions dollars to the inventors and various advantages to the users. These two inventions are the biggest reason why technology can transform society. Visicalc * – a calculating program for personal computer invented by Dan Bricklin is the best example for this transformation. Inspired by the operation with numbers that can easily be wrong on Harvard Business school blackboard, visicalc was invented and became the best tools ever for accounting students as it solves problem in the entire week in only an
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Unformatted text preview: hour, accesses people to numbers no matter where they are and moreover, answers all the what if questions in one spreadsheet. Technology, in this particular situation, has changed the working system of the present generation and has built up the basic for more similar inventions in the future. Technology also opens up our eyes and changes the way people evaluate the ability of human beings, especially nerds, as inventors are usually people at the very early ages ( Chris Espinosa was 14 years old when he started working for Apple) and work for their own interesting in technology, not money. Personal computers, software and nerds are just parts of the reason why technology can transform a society. If we look at our daily activities, texting, watching movies, or making phone calls, the reason list will be much longer. *Film: Robert X.Cringely , Triumph of the Nerds, a documentary film about nerds and PCs....
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