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T.A: Rachel Long Khanh Le Anthropology 101 [sec 4] Oct 1 st , 2010 Newton question Two ideas that are once considered to be contradictable ideas are basically controversial topics. As a result, to combine this kind of ideas is not an easy work that anyone can do. We human beings need strong beliefs, passions and dedication to combine ideas that others may think contradictory. In the film Newton’s Dark Secrets , the story about many treasurable researches in Newton life is a wonderful example of what it takes to combines ideas considered to be contradictable. Before the invention of gravity, Isaac Newton had spent his college life working seven days per week and eighteen hours per day with the question that what kept planets moving in their orbits around the Sun. Such a big amount of time like that was what it took him to combine his ideas which were against Galileo’s theory that the Sun orbit the Earth and Descartes’s theory that the
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Unformatted text preview: orbit of planets can be seen as the work of a big machine. Moreover, the strong determination and beliefs are shown more clearly when Newton kept working on his study about alchemy despite the objection and doubt of people all around him. People have rights to doubt about Isaac Newton studies. However, his big passion and dedication to do researches as a pleasure is undeniable. All the studies of his that were proved to be true is the evidence of human beings ability to combine ideas that others may think contradictory with the combination of joy and determination in their mind. Although contradicted ideas are seemed to have no connections, once we strongly intend to combine them no matter how much time or workload it takes, an expected result still have big chances to come up....
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