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Khanh Le Oct 29 th , 2010 Anthropology 101 – section 004 T.A: Rachel Long Normalizing question There are many difficult circumstances and complex conditions in human lives. In these situations, people will need many characteristics to overcome and normalize. Among these characteristics, strong efforts, strong beliefs and, most importantly, experiences are the three most important factors. Taking the death of many children in the shantytown of Brazil, people can look at how the mothers of these children overcome the pain of losing their own children. According to the article Death Without Weeping, children in Brazil died because of diseases, lack of the knowledge about child care, no stable marriages, etc. Funerals and baby coffins are regular stuffs that people here see every day. However, “no tears are shed”; and grave are “anonymous”. Many
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Unformatted text preview: people will question if they are really mothers of these children. The answers is yes, but almost every of their children never stay alive. As a result, perhaps, their pain is too much that they teach themselves to learn and adapt to that circumstance. The experiences after so many “come and gone” babies teach them to be heartless in these scenes. Not only experiences, strong beliefs and strong efforts also play important role in helping people overcome difficult situations. For example, in a big fire, it is the strong beliefs in the protection of God and the strong effort to run through the hot fire that a firefighter will be brave enough to save a baby inside a burning house. In brief, people cannot stay through hard time without three factors mentioned above....
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