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protein paper

protein paper - condition to develop The natural condition...

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Anthropology 101: Protein paper Khanh Le [ section 4 ] Among many reasons that create inequality, in my opinion, the most two significant elements are human behavior and geography, not protein. Because of human behavior, the living condition of people varies even though they live in the same place and at about the same hard time. For instance, in the film “Guns, germs and steel”, people lived around 13 thousand years ago, during the drought in the Middle East, sharing the same living condition at a different living level. One group of people hunts and gathers to survive, but they never get enough calories. About the same difficult time – 11 and a half thousand years ago, another society in the Middle East, which Dr. Ian Kuijt has discovered, was the first to cultivate barley and wheat and built buildings to store food. In this case, protein plays no role but human behavior, how people live and invent tools to support life. Geography is also a big reason for the inequality as it decides if one society has enough
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Unformatted text preview: condition to develop. The natural condition in the island of Papua New Guinea is a good example. In this place, there are hardly any domestic animals that have the ability to live but pig, specie that can provide meat but cannot be strong enough to pull plows. Without plows, people living here do not have required tools to grow crops like wheat, corns, or rice. The taro that they grow instead to eat does not provide enough nutrition they need to contribute a good life and to continue to develop their society. Despite the inconvenient living condition, at the last scene, people in Papua New Guinea still try to work to improve their status in the world. However, as long as the geographic element does not support them, their way to go is certainly still long ahead. In brief, geography and human behavior in a society have to go along for that society to develop or these two elements, which are totally not protein, will create inequality....
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protein paper - condition to develop The natural condition...

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