Notes on Primitivism, Dada

Notes on Primitivism, Dada - upon a bewildering array of...

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Introduction to African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian Art Notes on Primitivism and Modern Art (Rhodes) ZURICH DADA Dada modern movement grew out of horror of WWI o Accused expressionism of false spirituality and ridiculed Utopian Dreams of revolution through art o Aim is to primarily shock and destroy cultural complacency Sought to question psychology that allowed the rationalization of an apocalyptic Europe within Roman justifications Offers an alternative way of seeing Relied on maximum effect of performances with de-familiarizing barrage of sound, music, poetry and spectacle o Interested in tribal art: Janco uses primitive to challenge aesthetic sensibility Dadaist concern for tribal only one aspect in a complex primitivism relied
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Unformatted text preview: upon a bewildering array of sources / in the cause of upsetting expectations of hapless viewer Penetrating cultural excrescences o Maintained nihilism and cultural pessimism for renewal o Surrealism inherited qualities from Dada movement Attacked and subverted conventional methodologies and beliefs Attempted to introduce new values supported by alternative philosophy o Breton: expressed unseen elements, perpetual primitivism Revealing the workings of the unconscious o Masson believed women remained closer contact with the unconscious than men Female has dual function of being an object of desire + symbol of humanity’s primitive bonds with creative forces of nature...
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