Biutiful Segmentation

Biutiful Segmentation - Julianna Ritter Segmentation...

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Julianna Ritter Segmentation: Biutiful 10/12/11 A. INITIAL EXPOSITION: (introduction of Uxbal’s life in Spain terminal illness, spiritual guide, pusher in the black market, children) I. Domestic Life. Hands touch, family story. Wintery forest, introduction to Uxbal ( – “what’s over there?”) and his illness. II. Work Life. Image of neon sea. Uxbal and seller meet / Chinese warehouse and Chinese male love interest. Discussion on selling Uxbal’s father’s tomb. Police finance exchange. III. Domestic Life. Family Dinner. Marambra (the mother) kicked out. IV. Work Life. Police attack and arrest sellers. Uxbal goes to prison. Chinese lovers discuss Chinese workers transitioning to construction (supply workers with heaters). Tito bails Uxbal out of jail. Spirit client pays Uxbal for service. V. Domestic Life. Uxbal picks children up from Marambra’s apartment. Marambra introduces her bipolarity and sobriety. B. OVERWHELMING BREADTH OF LIFE SITUATIONS (Uxbal’s Inability to Accept
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Biutiful Segmentation - Julianna Ritter Segmentation...

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