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Chapter 5, the Greco roman matrix of the nt. Alexexander the great of macedon conquers the eastern Mediterranean area in the fourth century bce He spreads greek culture He does not challenge rome militarily but greek culutrue has a strong influence on roman life paving the way for an empire that is Greco roman Dimensions of social life in the empire Family life Economic life Entertainment Education Voluntary associations Social morality The forum, the heart of rome Foot races in the stadium- stadium in aphrodisiac turkey which seated thirty thousand as today
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Unformatted text preview: dashes werer a basic form of athletic competition The roman stadium was a unit of length consisting of 184 meters Runner ran in the nude with only male specatators The nt often compares the chiristian life to a Greco- roman race for example Hebrews . Roman family life- strongly patriarchal fathers had power of life and death over children and slaves Women had generally fewere right than in Greece until nt times Businesses were often run and by the household...
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