The Palestine isreal conflict has been going on since 1948

The Palestine isreal conflict has been going on since 1948...

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Richard tiller Political Science 201 Dr. Liu December 3, 2010 Palestine vs. Israel The Palestine Israel conflict has been going on since 1948. The Israelis are known as the Jewish while the Palestine’s are known as the Muslims. They want to form a Palestine nation and an Israel nation that are both nationally recognized on the map. This horrid conflict has been going so long that numerous attempts at peace have been attempted. All of this conflict can be the resolved conflict of Jerusalem because the three Abraham religions consider it their holy land. In this paper I will examine the history of the conflict, the attempts of peace that have been made, how the blockade of the Gaza strip has hurt the economy. I also will touch base on the modern things that are happening in today’s times. The history of the conflict can be dated back to 1948 when the areas under question were divided into three political gentilities. The gentilities included the state of Israel, the Gaza strip, and the west bank. The three Aramaic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim, all include Jerusalem as part of their religious affiliation. The argument is centered on the fact Israelis believe it should be unified under their government while Palestine’s believe that part of Jerusalem was not part of Israel before the six day war occurred in 1967. The three religions arguing over this land deserves because they all believe that they are deserving of it and that should have full control which is where there conflict started. In the Camp David summit, and the Tuba summit, it was agreed that the parts that belong to each nation would be given to them, but ultimately the summits fell through because of an unknown reason. A worry also is that
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Palestine neighborhoods would be placed in Israel and vice versa. This would cause rioting because the constant threat of violence. Another part of this history is that the civilians do most of the damage while military forces have done nothing. Also Palestine’s have had far more deaths than Israelis and the death toll has decreased in recent years. Because of the blockade, the United States has put money towards Palestine to help build their military up. Peace through the region has been rough. The causes of this can be related to Boundaries that would threaten Jerusalem neighborhoods because of the attacks that happen now and because the leaders cannot agree how to separate the west bank, Gaza strip and East Jerusalem. Israel’s control of east Jerusalem is because of this reason. The argument is that they should not
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The Palestine isreal conflict has been going on since 1948...

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