The story I read today was from wltx

The story I read today was from wltx - own investigation...

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The story I read today was from It was about democrats calling for Lt. Governor to resign. This is because a ethics board found him guilty of making inaccurate statements about his campaigning money. I find this is terrible for our state already dealing with a lot of issues to have the 2 nd person of our charge to misplace money. What could happen if he is supposed to handle our money? Will he miss place it? This story also talks about how the attorney general’s office is getting involved which I think is the right thing to do. The democrats are also launching their
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Unformatted text preview: own investigation. Overall this article is a disgrace to our state because our officials can contain themselves. Hopefully one day we can have officials with class. The article also talks about how each agency is looking into it to see if anything else has been misplace with his money. The article goes into good detail about what he did and the consequences he is going to face. This really shows how corrupt our officials are and how we need to fix them....
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