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Richard Tille4 - real truth behind it In my opinion it’s...

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Richard Tiller August 1, 2011 University 101 Mrs. English Chapter 55 What You Want In life you go through many things that you don’t ask for because you are afraid to ask for that and in fear of the consequence. The one thing that I have yet to ask for is why my parents decided not to move to Virginia. The consequence to me is having knowledge of something that I probably don’t want to know. In this paper I will summarize what would happen if I asked and how I am afraid to ask it. The one thing that I am afraid to ask is why we didn’t move to Virginia when I was little. For years it has bugged me because all of my mom’s family lives in Norfolk Virginia. While only my dad’s parents live in Camden. I know my parents debated it but in the end decided against it. I have never been able to ask because I am afraid of the deeper issue at hand. If I asked my
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parents why we didn’t move I think the worst thing was them to tell me no you can’t know or the
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Unformatted text preview: real truth behind it. In my opinion it’s better to go on wondering then actually finding out for fear of getting yelled at or finding out something I didn’t want to know. From the last lecture when randy went up and asked without fearing the consequence of the action. This shows me that is what you have to do because if you don’t ask you are just living in fear and if you ask you may get something better than you expect. Also I can see this relate to the brick wall he made an example of because not asking then you can’t conquer what you wanted. This summarizes what I am afraid to ask and what I believe would happen if I asked my parents the question. In conclusion, from reading the last lecture point of view from just asking something we can see if you don’t ask then you is just living in fear. Also it shows that sometimes asking outweighs not asking so therefore you should always ask....
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