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Richard Tiller A Foolish Virgin A parable is short story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. The Jilting of Granny Weatherall there is a parable reference at the end of the book when at the end of the granny is looking for a sign for heaven and she continues to wait but one never comes so “she stretched herself with a deep breath and blew out the light out.” The quote there shows how the parable is linked to Matthew 25 1-12 when it talks about how the door was shut and when the foolish virgins ask for oil because there oil. The parable deals with foolish versus wise virgins. In the story one can see the reference to that while she is waiting on her death bed and when her first husband George, fails to show up for her first wedding. This paper explores how the parable relates to Granny Weatherall’s daughter Hapsy never showing up, how her fiancé left her jilted and how the parable is ironically invoked, and how the parable compares foolish and wise versions. While Granny is on her death bed she constantly asks Cornelia “Is Hapsy here?” Until her death(porter 89). The quote of asking about Hapsy signifies that Hapsy was the favorite child. We see that while she is looking for Hapsy as she prepare to make her trip to Heaven that the lights are blew out before she see’s Hapsy. This shows how when Granny is left waiting in the dark that it relates to part parable when the foolish virgins need more oil for the lamps. Throughout the novel there are many reasons to wonder why Hapsy was not present. I believe that Hapsy died while giving birth to a child. From this quotation we can see that Hapsy passed away while giving birth, “She seemed to herself to be Hapsy also, and the baby on Hapsy's arm was placed and himself and herself all at once and there was no surprise in the meeting. The Hapsy melted from within and turned flimsy as gray gauze and the baby was a gauzy shadow.”
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Richard Tille5 - Richard Tiller A Foolish Virgin A parable...

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