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Essentials of ancient isrealite religion

Essentials of ancient isrealite religion - had one Worship...

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Essentials of ancient isrealite religion Monotheism- only one god exists who created the world and all its peoples Coveneant- god establishes a relationship with a chosen people, Isreal to work out his purposes for the world Law- god gave law through moses to the people of isreal enabling thme to live moral holy lives. Institutions of jewish life: temple Herod the great rebuilt this temple greatly increasing its size and grandeur-hellenist The temple was the center of jewish worship Today the western wall is the only part of the structure that survives it is the holiest place in Judaism today. Judea capta coin The romans typically minted coins to celebrate and popularize military victories. A whole series of coins, Judea capta was minted in large numbers to celebrate the end of the jewish revolt. Institutions of jewish life: synagogue Synagogue is from a greek word meeting Synagogues were spread through the roman empire almost every city with a jewish community
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Unformatted text preview: had one. Worship consisting of prayers scriputure and sermon was hled every Sabbath Religious groups in second temple Judaism The Sadducees- accepted only the first five books of the Hebrew bible as canonical. Composed of the high priestly family an their religious and political allies. Wiped out when the romans crushed the jewish revolt. The Pharisees- devolped the oral torah to fence in the written torah. Composed of laymen throughout palestine. The largest jewish group of the time it took over leadership of Judaism in the second century c.e. The essences- most probably founded the Qumran community they were rigorous keepers of the torah. Also destroyed in the roman response to the revolt. The zealots- scholary opinions differ on wheter this groups existed before the jewish revolt, or arose shortly before the revolt to incite and lead it....
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