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Hebrews general epistle wedsneday- james –peter Friday joanaa and 2 nd peter Monday wedsneday revelation of john For exam- read first part of sllabyus New testament- not chronilligally 4 gospels earliest content, consisnent with church History- acts-luke how church grew Epistles begins with romans-apoclaypse of john- dealt with Pauline epistles- Hebrews general epistle( catholic epistles) catholic means universeal Hebrews- thought that wreeten by paul jewish Christians in Corinth didn’t sign cuase of hostility against paul translated to greek by luke( finest greek youll find) may be written by a
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Unformatted text preview: woman(Priscilla Hebrews- who jesus is and appportiate respone of bleivers Central themes interrelated- high priest hood,Christ as perfect sacrifice, Christ superiorty over other beings, orgin of Christ, Christ the anchor Respond with faith hipe obidence Jewish chrisitans jesus better than all the jesus things Apporitgly named cause it deals with ot stuff. Chap1-1 who became Christian learned tradion from other people No opening or closing see jesus better than joseph presented like that Lower than angles sometimes Better than everyone high preist foreign to prostentants...
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