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In the beginning of the year we had a top ten character list that you should abide by. We redid it and now the top 10 are not to miss class, be organized, take good notes, listen, complete assignment, gain knowledge, find a study group, ask for help, be patient, and work hard. In my opinion I demonstrated all of the characters except for find a study group. I demonstrated the other characters because I always listened in class, took good notes, and completed all assignments. The most important thing that I followed was I never missed class. This to me is the most fundamental thing possible because there’s a chance you can get extra credit. I find that
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Unformatted text preview: through prior experience studying in groups is not helpful because you always talk and don’t do your work. To me this needs to be removed from the list and replaced with time management because with that you stay on track and be organized and make sure you keep track of everything. In my opinion we do not need to change anything in the list because I demonstrated all of these at PC and kept all my scholarships. In conclusion these are my thoughts on our character list...
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